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[Source: Free!ES episode 9 Talk]

Please support the artist by rating and bookmarking the original work on pixiv. Translated and reposted with permission. Please DO NOT repost without permission of the artist, Maruyon (まるよん).

Note: The artist paid great attention to the nuances in the text by switching between kanji and hiragana. Unfortunately, it’s impossible to convey in English, but I hope the feelings were still conveyed. 

This is such a touching little manga. I think we all feel this is how the night turned out to be. Haru and Makoto should treasure every moment they can still spend together like this. 


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Fitzwilliam Darcy’s inner struggles: 4/?

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"On sunny afternoons when he’s in the apartment, he gets a pillow from the couch and follows the sunlight across the living room floor, perfectly on the path of the carpet, sprawling and smiling and lazy, usually ending up right in Grantaire’s path on his way to the kitchen by the time the sun starts going down."

Years Since it’s Been Clear

even if smoo hadn’t nagged me to do this i couldn’t have resisted doing fanart for this ficlet of lady_ragnell's, it was just a really really lovely image and gave me a chance to play with lighting and posing and drawing enjolras consistently.

29 E/R



#29 - going away to war AU (I totally cheated with this one oops)

“You don’t have to keep looking so sad,” Grantaire says, amused. “I’m going to be just fine.”

“You don’t know that,” Enjolras says, and scowls when Grantaire just keeps grinning at him. “It’s not funny, R. It’s life and death.”

Grantaire snorts. “I’m not going to war, you know that right?” 

“It’s a double elimination, with only three people cooking,” Enjolras says for what must be the billionth time of the day. He doesn’t know why Grantaire is so blasé about this. “It’s worse than going to war.” 

“Have you so little faith in my cooking skills?” Grantaire asks, grins crooked, and Enjolras finally stops pacing and flops down next to Grantaire on the couch. 

“It’s not that,” he says quietly. “You know it’s not that.”

“I know,” Grantaire says, knocking his knee against Enjolras’. “I was just being funny.”

“It’s not funny,” Enjolras says. “I’m not cooking tomorrow and I’m terrified. Why are you so unaffected?”

“We can’t both be freaking out,” Grantaire says. “Besides, you’re doing a pretty good job of freaking out enough for the both of us.”

“I don’t want any one of you to go home tomorrow,” Enjolras says quietly, looking straight at Grantaire. His heart is beating twice its normal speed, and he’s sure that his affection for Grantaire must be written all over his face, but he really can’t bring himself to reign it in. “But you especially. I don’t want you to go home at all.”

“Then I won’t,” Grantaire says, and it sounds like a promise. “Keep an eye out for me from the balcony tomorrow?”

“Both eyes,” Enjolras says solemnly, and smiles when Grantaire laughs. 


do you ever just insert your otp into out of context scenes from friends because


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